The Wellness Center of South Florida
2929 NE 6th Ave., Wilton Manors, FL 33334

Phone:  954-612-3653
Fax: 954-612-3653

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Welcome to the online home of The Wellness Center of South Florida. Our mission here is to provide a safe and supportive environment where those impacted by HIV and Hepatitis C can get their needs met with dignity and care.         

The Wellness Center 
of South Florida
2929 NE 6th Ave.
Wilton Manors, FL 33334
Heidi Andrus, Executive Director
Phone:  954-612-3653 
Fax:  954-612-3653


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What signs and symptoms define AIDS Survivor Syndrome?

  • · Depression
  • · Lack of Future Orientation
  • · Panic from Unexpected Older Age
  • · Suicidality
  • · Sexual risk-taking
  • · Self-destructive Behavior
  • · Substance Abuse
  • · Social Withdrawal & Isolation
  • · Persistent Negative Thoughts like Deep Regret and overwhelming Shame
  • · Survivor’s Guilt
  • · Cognitive Impairment Such as Poor Concentration and Loss of Immediate memory
  • · Loss of Ability to Enjoy Life or Anhedonia
  • · Deep Sadness
  • · Emotional Numbness
  • · Anxiety & Nervousness
  • · Irritability or Flashes of Anger
  • · Difficulty Falling Asleep or Staying Asleep
  • · Nightmares
  • · Personality Changes
  • · Feeling Tense, “On Guard” or Hypervigilance.
  • · Low Self-Esteem & Self-Worth
  • · Sense of Hopelessness
  • · Irritability
  • · Self-Stigma
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The Wellness Center of South Florida

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I'm really into the long term survivor issues. I have been reviewing several articles regarding us. Aging and long termers are being neglected and forgotten. Ptsd issues. Loneliness, lack of preparedness for retirement due to spending our productive years managing the illness rather than building careers and families. My focus will be non-gender specific Long Term Survivors life issues!

Statement of Purpose
Here at the Wellness Center of South Florida we are dedicated to helping our community survive and thrive living with HIV/AIDS. It is a different world now and it is important to be educated and to be able to advocate for yourself.

Educational Seminars
WCSF invites outside Pharmaceutical experts, local doctors and specialists within the medical field to conduct seminars and to provide the latest information on HIV research and drug regimens.

Recreational Activities

WCSF offers recreational activities such as parties, BBQ's and Holiday Events for the community.

Services provided
The Wellness Center of South Florida include


Case Management Services- The WCSF currently offers specific case management services for its clients. Our case management program assists our clients with emergency financial aid as well as accessing medical and social services throughout Broward County.

 HIV Treatment Education Programs- Monthly Education Programs – facilitated by local HIV physicians and other providers specific to each segment of the population. These programs offer information on experimental drug protocols, new classes of drugs, LTNP, HIV disease progression, HCV, managing side effects and related topics.

 HIV Support Groups- The WSCF offers a two weekly support group for HIV+ individuals, which are peer-facilitated and are regularly attended by 15-20 individuals. Since 1996, WCSF has also fulfilled the need for a peer based HIV+ community support group targeting those outside of care, which addresses issues specific to those both infected and at risk for HIV disease. The WCSF has ensured the continuity of this group, which is a vital service for our community. This group meets weekly at 7:30pm and lasts for 2 hours and has been attended by 150 clients so far this year. Our newest group, begun in January 2011 is named Positive Issues and is for HIV+ men and the men who love them. They meet on Thursdays 7-8:30pm

 Outreach Network- Outreach/Advocacy Network. We keep HIV individuals “informed” consumers through our personal community network. In order to best meet client needs (as assessed by evaluation of client feedback and analysis of data from other community sources), WCSF has determined that empowerment through individual education is crucial towards maintaining an overall sense of well-being for the client population. We have one of the strongest community based outreach programs in Broward County. Word of mouth and friend to friend is a powerful tool.

 AIDS Insurance Continuation Program- The Wellness Center of South Florida is an enrollment site for AICP and pays up to $750 per month to keep our clients on private health insurance policies, COBRA, Marketplace and conversion plans.

 Emergency Assistance Program- WCSF has identified and serves a substantial need in our community for the provision of emergency financial assistance to our clients. Many clients are in need of short-term financial assistance in order to keep their private health insurance policies and pay for their medications while they are on the waiting list or while their applications are being processed for the AIDS INSURANCE CONTINUATION PROGRAM.



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